Total Solar Eclipse in Argentina

July 2nd, 2019



Buenos Aires – The Pampas – San Juan - Rodeo

June 30- July 6, 2019 7 days/ 6 nights


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The Argentina Northwest, fabled for its wide-open spaces and incredibly varied landscapes, is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites and unique National and Provincial Parks. Today these vast protected areas continue to inspire visitors with spectacular vistas, remarkable wildlife encounters, and authentic wilderness adventures that rival those of any region on the planet. So where better to experience the total solar eclipse viewable from the South American continent? Join us in a unique adventure that weaves together one lifetime moment after another: visit the land where the dinosaurs are known to have roamed and enjoy the best of regional cuisine, culture, and hospitality during your stay in cosmopolitan Buenos Aires city and the surrounding grasslands known as “The Pampas”. This is an unmatched opportunity to experience a rare astronomical event while discovering the natural beauty of Argentina’s backyard.

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