Thanks to its unique position as an ecological bridge between North and South America Costa Rica contains an extraordinary level of biodiversity within a relatively small area. It is home to nearly 250 species of plants, more than 900 bird species, 220 species of reptiles, and 160 species of amphibians.


The bird life is truly extraordinary. In addition to typical resident neo tropical families such as Toucans (6 species), trogons (10 species), parrots and macaws (17 species) and motmots (6 species), Costa Rica’s is also characterized by many migratory birds coming from The US and Canada to winter like warblers, herons, raptors and even some hummingbirds. You will love seeing our feathered friends in their winter home!


The purpose of this unique itinerary is to provide an immersion in the rich fauna and flora of the varying tropical habitats of Costa Rica with an emphasis on bird watching. We won’t let you go without having shown you at least 3 species of toucans and the stunning Scarlet Macaws among many others.


We will combine easy-paced bird watching led by highly experienced local guides with other activities like zip lining, as well as visits to hot springs, and volcanoes. And we will leave plenty of time for relaxing at some of Costa Rica’s most exclusive hotels and lodges.




Birding & Nature Experience in Costa Rica



This trip  will be posted  March 30 2018. Check back with us then.




A Costa Rican Adventure of A Lifetime

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