We are a team of volunteers with TREE Institute International

TREE stands for (Tropical Research Ecological Exchange)


TREE is a 501 (c) (3)
non-profit organization

We give back! We are doing conservation, cultural, and research projects in the places we organize travel. A portion of the trip costs go to these projects. We believe in meaningful partnerships. See our projects https://www.treeinstitute.org/our-programs.html

TREE has experience and expertise

Our team has been traveling to Cuba for over 11 years and has brought over 2,000 travelers in small groups for exceptional experiences. We do it all for you, from documentation to organizing your travel, hotels, meals, and activities. We have a “family” of knowledgeable, capable local professionals that we hand-selected and trained.

TREE can customize your personal or group’s itinerary to their interests

Offering customized itineraries allows your group to have the best possible experience while exploring all the “not to be missed” places. Our trips are not “cookie cutter”!!!

TREE can take you to people and places not easily accessible to the public

TREE can also organize customized, meaningful exchanges with local professionals for conferences and educational learning.

TREE’s mission is for you to fall in love with our destinations

We make each trip unique and a “life changing” experience. A TREE representative will be with you throughout the trip, making this experience as “seamless” as possible.

TREE incorporates fun and excitement into the experience

Our trips are designed with passion and we add surprises. Our destinations are always changing and because we work there, we continue to add new and improved adventures.

Past groups who have traveled with us

  • Association of Hospitality Professionals

  • Duke University School of Environmental Sciences

  • Five and Under Stores

  • Key West Business Guild

  • McKee Botanical GardenName of the elementName of the element

  • Rutgers University School of Environmental and Biological Sciences

  • Yellow Barn Art Studio

  • Crane Law Group

  • Environmental Learning Center of Vero Beach

  • Florida Institute of Classical Architects Association

  • Midwest Museum of Fine Art

  • Missouri Botanical Garden

  • Rutgers University AlumnaeName of the element

  • Smooth JazzName of the element

  • Dallas Arboretum

  • Florida Native Plant Society

  • International Palm Society

  • National Bar Association

  • Ocean Reef Art ClubName of the element

  • Professional Association of International Innkeepers

  • Tech Week (CEO’s of Technology companies)

  • Western Wisconsin Land Trust,

Kudos from travelers

My wife and I have had the opportunity to travel the entire world with internationally-acclaimed tour agencies. And I can truthfully say that the Cuba trips we experienced - run by the TREE Institute - exceeded our expectations and lacked nothing in hospitality and customer service. They are run with expertise, passion, quality and capture the essence of the Cuba people and their culture. I would recommend their trips to anyone wanting to get the most unique visit to this unique country. The lifetime experience and memories are worth every penny!

- Pat Croce